Meet The Pixel Fairy

Hi! I’m The Pixel Fairy, otherwise known as Marie Gallagher, a freelance web designer working with businesses and individuals throughout the North East and beyond.

Having started designing websites at the turn of the century, I began working as a freelance designer in 2001 before going on to form a successful design and hosting company.

After a period of immense change in my personal life, I left my directorship in the corporate world behind to start this freelance venture and get back to my roots.

At the same time, I also turned a lifelong passion for jewellery making into a second business, Little Magpye. Not content with just two jobs, I’m also a writer.

Now specialising in WordPress design, I’ve helped many crafters and small businesses get established online over the last two decades.

Marie Gallagher, AKA The Pixel Fairy, watching the sunset over Ullswater in the Lake District

Fuelled by endless cups of tea, I work from my home office in South Shields on the beautiful North East coast of England, but I have clients all over the world. I’m always happy to have a no-obligation chat about ideas, so please do give me a call or drop me a line with your requirements through social media, by filling in my contact form or by sending an email to

The Groyne (or Herd Sands) lighthouse in South Shields, where The Pixel Fairy is based.

The rugged beauty that is Marsden Bay, in South Shields, where The Pixel Fairy is based.