Hourly Rate


  • My exclusive attention for the hour or hours you choose
  • Maximum of 3 hours per block booking

Daily rate


  • My exclusive attention for up to 8 hours on your chosen day(s)
  • 1 hour preparation meeting by voice or video call
  • 1 hour follow up meeting by voice or video call

bespoke design

from £400

  • Although my focus has changed, I am still available for bespoke design projects.
  • Please contact me for a free, no-obligation chat.

Not What You’re Looking For?

If my one to one services are beyond the scope of your needs and/or budget, why not take a look at my website packages?

With all in one solutions for one-page advert, brochure and e-commerce websites to choose from, there’s something for almost everyone. In the rare instances that you need something different, contact me for a quote for a bespoke package.

Book A Free Consultation

In short, me! You get my twenty plus years of knowledge and experience, working exclusively for you for the time you’ve booked.

I won’t be working on any other websites or business queries (emergencies aside!) for the duration of the time you’ve booked me for.

I can either work with you or for you for that time, the decision is yours.

My daughter Eleanor, who is learning the ropes whilst also studying at University, helps me with the admin side of things and will hopefully take over one day, but at the moment, I’ll be the one working on your website.

The following items are not included in my hourly or daily hire rate:

  • Domain registration (management services available)

  • Website hosting (management services available)

  • Additional WordPress theme, plugin or other script licenses (depending on customer requirements)

  • Font licenses (depending on customer requirements)

All costs will be determined during your consultation, and agreed upon before any work gets underway – you will always know exactly what you will be paying before work begins.

That’s entirely up to you! I can work with you, or for you. It helps if you’re available to answer any questions that may arise, but you don’t need to physically be online unless you want to be.

That largely depends on the kind of website you require, and whether you have your content ready.

If you have your content ready and know what you want, a brochure website can be live within a day or two, and an e-commerce shopping website can be live within two to three days.

You certainly can! And what’s more, discounted rates are available for repeat / existing customers.

No. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all work is currently done remotely, including for local customers.

With apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger and Zoom, we’re yet to find any disadvantages to working exclusively remotely.

Outside of these strange times, local in office (not home) visits may once again be possible but again, most work can and will be carried out remotely if possible.

At the moment, due to the demand for my design services coupled with my workload with my other business, I no longer offer my website packages. When my workload eases, and/or when Eleanor is able to take on more design work alongside me, I may consider reintroducing them again.