Bee Beautiful Beauty

2013 – 2016 (on hiatus)

Brochure website for a local beauty therapist and skin care expert based in Sunderland.

I actually created a website for the lovely Debbie of Bee Beautiful back in 2013, but the opportunity then arose for her to travel the world for work (lucky thing) so we never officially launched it. Fast forward to the return of Bee Beautiful to the North East, leading to the creation of a new logo and a complete redesign of the website to reflect where her business was at that point. Ta-da!

The website is built on a WordPress base, enabling Debbie to update her blog and service details at any time. It also features Mailchimp integration.

As well as website design the project includes logo design and branding, web hosting, domain registration and management and basic SEO as well as ongoing support as always.

As of late 2016, Debbie has taken up an exciting position in London, once again putting Bee Beautiful on hiatus, but the website will be ready and waiting if and when she needs it.